Cucumber Mezcal Mule Jelly Shot

Sure, those brightly colored solo cups filled with sugary pre-mixed jello flavors and grain alcohol are entertaining for the boat, park picnic or fraternity party, and trust me when I say I have put those to good use, but when I’m being a civilized lady, I like to elevate my jelly shots game.

So get creative with your flavors, get creative with your containers, get seasonal, use top shelf ingredients and above all, for crying out loud, sample, sample sample!

Don’t be afraid to make more than you think you’ll need. All those friends who scoffed and judged for years will eventually be shooting them down their throats in masses. It’s almost like you can’t have just one? Also, don’t forget a creative “garnish” – that really helps sell the shots.

Cinco de Mayo in quickly approaching, and given the state of things, it’s going to look a little different this year. So instead of going out to your favorite Mexican watering hole for margaritas, why not brighten up your family “house party” with some gourmet Mezcal jelly shots. Don’t deny those under 21 from joining in on the fun, simply make them virgin and mark them clearly so there’s no confusion?

Makes 23-25 individual 1 oz shots

  • 1 cup ginger beer
  • 1/4 cup of cucumber simple syrup
  • 2 packets of Knox gelatin
  • 1 T of fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 3/4 cup of Mezcal

Place ginger beer in sauce pan and dust both packets of gelatin over the top allowing it sit for a minute. Heat mixture until it’s evenly incorporated. Turn off heat and add strained lime juice and strained simple syrup (you want nice clear shots). Cool down slightly and then add Mezcal. Pour into solo cups (cup size is creators choice) and pop in the fridge until firmed. Garnish with lime zest just before serving. You can use a zester or microplane.

Cucumber Simple Syrup

  • 1/2 large cucumber peeled and cut into dish slices
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup granulated sugar

Heat water and sugar until combined, add cucumber slices and let incorporate on low heat for 15-20 minutes. Strain and store liquid in the fridge until needed. Will make more than the recipe calls for, so there will be plenty to use into another jelly shot or cocktail recipe that week.

I know what you’re asking…but Pip there are two kinds of shots on this platter. What is that other delicious looking shot? Check out the Rum Coquito Jelly Shots Recipe (coming soon).

TIPS and TRICKS: Grease solo cups with a very light coating of a neutral oil to help them slide out easily. Not too much or it will solidify on the shots and make them look not-so-pretty. You can also use silicone form molds or a brownie pan and cut them into shapes. This is where you can really get creative. Try cutting limes in half, hollowing them out and filling them with the jelly mixture and then refrigerate until firm. Then cut them into wedges. Be careful with the lime cups and do them the day you’re serving them or the limes will make them bitter.

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“You Don’t Find Mezcal, Mezcal Finds you.” – Ron Cooper
Cucumber Mezcal Mule Jelly Shot