Extra Fluffy Egg-Free Vegan Potato Gnocchi

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Ever had a heavy, dense gnocchi that sat in your stomach like a lead weight? Met too! My goal is to always eat MORE gnocchi not less. This egg-free gnocchi recipe is not only vegan but makes the lightest, fluffiest version I’ve ever made. Try these extra fluffy egg-free vegan gnocchi and eat twice as much. Ha.

Two important things to remember when making these gnocchi:

  1. Potato type MATTERS: Russet is a good choice here because of its low water content. The less water added to this recipe the more likelihood for success. So don’t go getting fancy with your potato choice and get russet.
  2. How to cook the potatoes MATTERS: Again this is a water issue. The less water we can add to this recipe the more likely your gnocchi will hold together and not fall apart. I suggest baking potatoes rather than boiling or steaming. It keeps everything nice and dry.

This recipe feeds 4-6 depending on appetites and if you’re using as a main dish or an appetizer. I rolled out half for dinner one night, then rapped the dough in fridge and rolled the second half the following night. You will need to add a little more flour for the next day gnocchi but they were just as good. Now that you’ve got these little potato dumplings all ready to go, try making this gnocchi with English peas, mint and parmesan recipe.


Extra Fluffy Egg-Free Vegan Potato Gnocchi

These pillowy vegan gnocchi’s are so light and fluffy you can go back for seconds!


  • 750 grams Russet Potatoes, baked, peels and riced (about 3 medium potatoes
  • 275 grams of All Purpose Flour (sifted)


  1. Bake potatoes skin-on in 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes or until soft all the way through.
  2. Remove potatoes and let cool slightly.
  3. Peel the potato while still warm. They should come right off.
  4. Cut potatoes in large chunks and put through a fine ricer (can smash by hand but no lumps!)
  5. Sift flour about a cup at a time until incorporated into the potatoes.
  6. Once dough becomes movable, move to a flour dusted cutting board and continue working into flour and kneading until incorporated. Shape into a round loaf and cover at room temp for 30 minutes while you clean.
  7. Unwrap loaf and cut into six small chunks. Roll one chunk out into a long “rope” shape until it’s about 1/2 inch-3/4 in think.
  8. Cut rope into small pieces about 3/4 inch in size. Make sure to have some additional flour to dust when dough gets sticky.
  9. Roll each piece on a gnocchi board to give them ridges or smush lightly with a fork. Put on parchment lined baking sheet with a little bit of flour so they don’t touch.
  10. Add to the fridge for 10 minutes before boiling.
  11. Add to boiling water and cook until they float. Remove with a small strainer and then add directly to sauce of choice. 


Pip Tip: Use Russet Potatoes or another low water content potato.

Pip Tip: Baking is the best method for cooking potatoes.

Pip Tip: These are more delicate than some other gnocchi but they are worth the extra care. Be gentle with them.

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Extra Fluffy Egg-Free Vegan Potato Gnocchi