Blogging Born On Date 10.6.19

I’m ready for you. You free thinkers. You glass half full miracles. I see you, and I’m ready to suck off your proverbial creative hash pipe. I’ve been training my 40+ years for this very day, where I will share my life with a relative bunch of strangers, because why you ask? To scratch that itch I can’t seem to quite reach? Sadomasochist tendencies? Perhaps I’m an emotional cutter? Maybe a pupu platter of all these things? I’m not sure yet, but I hope to find out. And you’re going to help inspire me!

I’m a women on the verge, the verge of what I’m uncertain, but that’s what I hope to discover on these very pages. I’m searching for inspiration through the lens of food, wine and travel laced with a healthy dose of humor and far more humility.

I hope to share some insight into my 24 years of food and beverage experience along side some helpful tips and tricks to uncomplicate the sometimes complicated. In doing so I hope to discover a new path to excite and ignite the wonderer inside of me.

Hi, I'm Pip!

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