My Favorite Vegan Dishes in Atlanta

You don’t have to go to a vegan restaurant to find your favorite vegan dish

As you may already know, my 2021 started out with a simple ONE month long Vegan January Challenge that morphed into a THREE month Vegan Challenge. For a lover, and over consumer, of meat and cheese, both of which I included in nearly every single meal consumed, this was a challenge of the utmost difficulty. While difficult, it was emphatically awakening and one that left, I believe, a long lasting effect on my diet.

The challenge provided another layer of difficultly in that it also coincided with a very long kitchen renovation (still in the works after months and months…and months) that rendered my kitchen mostly unusable for about half of the challenge. Without countertops or plumbing I was forced out onto the culinary streets of Atlanta in search of diet approved chow? Could I keep on track and complete my challenge having to live off take-out and pre-made vegan food? What I pleasantly discovered, was that Atlanta is full of amazing restaurants with thoughtful menu items to please a variety of diets! Including vegan. Below are some of “My Top 15 Favorite Vegan Dishes in Atlanta” that I noshed on during my 3 Month Vegan Challenge.

  • Delbar
  • Feedel Bistro
  • Feedel Bistro
  • JINYA Ramen Bar
  • Delbar
  • Lee's Bakery Spring Rolls
  • Lee's Bakery Curry
  • Le Bilboquet Lentil Salad
  • Feedel Bistro
  • Flower Child
  • Flower Child
  • MetroFresh
  • Murphy's Restaurant
  • Loving Hut
  • Superica
  • Recess
  • Rathbun Steak
  • Playa Bowls
  • Loving Hut
  • Fox & Fig Cafe

My Top 15 Favorite Vegan Meals

  1. #38 Tofu Coconut Curry (Lee’s Bakery) -Favorite dish of the challenge. Enough for two meals and a cozy food sweater on a rainy day when I was in need of comfort! Also try #1 Spring Roll with or with/out tofu. If you’re vegetarian don’t overlook the NEW Avocado Bahn Mi, it’s dang delicious but it is served with egg-mayo (which really is a must).
  2. Glow Bowl (Flower Child Buckhead) – If you like Pad Thai you’ll love this bowl. Hearty and filling and the sauce is so ‘creamy’. Am I glowing?
  3. Adas Polo (Tahdig) with Vegetable Skewer (DelBar) – After several failed concepts in this location, this Inman Park gem is firing on all cylinders. Tahdig is a crispy rice traditionally made with ghee, but you can request it with oil, and it is fire! Add grilled vegetables and there are plenty vegan spreads and sauces to enjoy.
  4. Proper Breakfast (Fig & Fox Cafe) – OK, this is actually in Savannah, but it was so good and worth mentioning. Huge portion and the cashew hollandaise, bye girl. DELICIOUS!
  5. Vegan Sampler (Feedel Bistro) – This new Ethiopian charmer is right across the street from the more famous Desta Ethiopian Kitchen. Feedel Bistro decor is adorable and the service was charmingly attentive. So many things to try on one plate, all packed with flavor and a huge portion, enough for two.
  6. Flying Vegan Harvest Ramen (JINYA Ramen Bar) – Rich and satisfying. One instance where the soy meat (not usually fan of imitation meat) was a nice addition.
  7. “Vegan Special” (Rathbun Steak) – When your boyfriend requests steak for his birthday, you go to Rathbun Steak! Steakhouses are challenging for a vegan but can be done. Ask the chef to make you a “Vegan Special.” This was the most beautiful meal I had during the entire challenge. Hence the cover photo!
  8. Tropical – Acai Bowl (Playa Bowls) – There are plenty of friendly items here for a quick snack on the go. Although some vegans do no eat honey, I did cheat a couple of times. Of course, you can get it without honey and it would be just as refreshing.
  9. Superbowl (Recess) – This is a bowl I enjoyed before the vegan challenge and it still came in as one of my top 15! Their menu has a lot of vegan friendly options.
  10. House Curry (Loving Hut)- Another curry dish made the top list and probably the best value at only $10.95 and enough for 2 meals. The staff at this Sandy Springs institution was super friendly and will answer any questions with a smile.
  11. Vegetable and Grain Bowl (Murphy’s) – Another day, another bowl, but it was super tasty! Beware there is honey in this dish and its a little on the sweet side, but super filling and I dug it.
  12. La Salade de Lentilles (Le Bilboquet) – Sans egg of course. This is kind of like a beef carpaccio for the vegan world. Really good and don’t skip a side of fries.
  13. Menu Changes Daily (MetroFresh) – Although I don’t have one specific thing I like from here, work keeps me constantly mobile and I can always find a vegan soup or salad to enjoy on the go. Just like I would make at home. It’s just good simple food.
  14. Ensalada de la Casa with Catalina Vinaigrette (Superica) – One of our favorite restaurants and the house salad with creamy oregano dressing is swoon worthy but not vegan friendly. Hold the cheese and ask for the the Catalina Vinaigrette instead of the creamy oregano dressing- it’s pretty dang good too!
  15. Vegan Blondie and Blue Ginger Lemonade (Sama) – This female owned Buckhead spot has a lot of healthy and delicious options but my favorite sweet snack, should you need one, is their blondie. But my real obsession is their Blue (Majik) Ginger Lemonade. Once a week, every week!

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